Lyrics & Art

Can You Feel Me


Tires warm against the black top
Not hard to not look back
I’m not looking for much

Never had a problem with the curve
A quick change gives a rush
I won’t complain if you don’t judge

Can you feel me?
Are you in control?
Can you feel me
coast to coast?

Might try to roll the dice
sometimes they don’t feel right
just roll on through

by the time your third gin
starts creeping in
find a door
to number four

See you in the summer
Limes and rum
See you in the summer
until then…

Lie La

Lie-La is lying at the library
I think she ate the lie-berries
Don’t you want them too?

Red Bird


Every red bird I see
is a cardinal to me
because I do not
know the red birds.

There must be more than one
and someday just for fun
I will look in a book
and learn the red birds.

Steal You Flowers


At least a week now I’ve been gone
I smell like booze and worse
I’ve got a feeling you’re still mad
about the money I took from your purse.
Patching up the holes I made
is going to take us hours
but I’m not coming home empty handed
I’m going to steal you some flowers

The lady down the way will give me her daisies.
She likes the way you sing and knows I’m lazy.
The old man up the road, I know where his roses grow
and I can get three or four if I sneak up slow.

It ain’t the first time I’ve done wrong
it ain’t going to be the last.
Your sister said, “Mister, pack your bags.”
but you keep on taking me back

I ain’t got no more money
I ain’t got super powers
but I know better than to come home with nothing
I’m going to steal you flowers

Secret Dances


Kevin Bacon


Our friend Cindy, I heard she was an extra
in that new movie starring Mark Walhburg
who was in Boogie Nights with Burt Reynolds
who was in Starting Over with you, Kevin Bacon

Our sister in law had a non-speaking role on The Sopranos.
She smiled and shook the hand of James Gandolfini
who was in A Civil Action with William H. Macy
who was in Murder In the First with you, Kevin Bacon

I can’t believe there’s only six degrees between me and you



Aller Dormir


Go to sleep
little baby
without any supper
english>french google translation:
aller dormir
petite bebe
sans le diner

Welcome to the Party


Welcome to the party, all of your accommodations have been made.
We heard you are arriving empty handed but that’s ok.
We hope your trip was not a rough one.
Why don’t you take tonight to sleep it off?
We’ll keep the party going in your honor, nice and soft.

Sleep it off.

The sun will rise in the morning.
You’re going to love to see the way it shines.
It’s warmth will give your life a purpose
the way you are to mine.
Tonight the moon shines upon you
I can see a million things you’re going to be.
You can believe them if it helps you fall asleep
but singing works just fine for me.

Friday Funk




All the religions in the world
are exactly the same.
The rich and the poor
they’re both the same.
The left and the right
they are the same.

We should be friends.
Why aren’t we friends?

People of the world
it’s not too late
we can all be friends.

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