Lyrics & Art

Can’t Sleep Now

Wake up let’s go for a drive
No, I don’t know where we’ll go
We need new stuff for the show
We need to go with the flow
I want to go for a drive
Don’t ask me where we’ll go
Because you already know
I just told you
I know someone with a plan
Her name is Motorin’ Sue
I think she’ll really like you
She’ll want to come with us too
But no she’ can’t join the band
I can’t sleep now, but I’m trying
I’ve got to get out this jive
My brains on overdrive



Molly never liked the rain
It reminded her of bad times in Spain
She enjoyed dancing with Jane
Together they would sing the refrain
Come live under the sea, with me
Molly and Jane met Jack
The three of them were never going back
To where the sun gives way to the rain
Together they would sing the refrain
Molly was listening to the sound
Of crowds and clowns and people all around
But she was all around just the same
The clouds rolled in and it began to rain



When my world gets too small
When I can’t see over the top of the wall
I run and I run to edge of the water
I run and I run to edge of the bridge
Look across and see my brother
Look across and see my darling standing there
I run and I run over the water
I run and I run over the bridge
Will you take my hand when I’ve crossed over
Will you take my hand and show me around
And if I drown under the weight of the water
And if I drown under the weight of this old ghost town
Carry me back to the water
Carry my body back to the bridge

What Makes You Think I’d Want Your Man


What makes you think I’d want your man
He’s not even looking that good
What makes you think I’d want your man
When I’ve got one at home who don’t treat me like he should
What makes you think I’d want your man
With timbers on his toes and his dime store clothes
What makes you think I’d want your man
I already know where his money goes
I’ve seen him out on Monday buying other women drinks
I’ve seen him out on Tuesday acting cool, or so he thinks
I’ve seen him out on Wednesday bumming other people’s smokes
I’ve seen him out on Thursday laughing at his own jokes
I’ve seen him out on Friday like he ain’t been home all week
And when he’s out on Saturday, I’ve had him for a week
I’m done with him on Sunday
He’ll be home soon, I think

Tell Me A Good Lie


I can’t stop crying but I know I’ll smile
My dead heart will be alive for a while
How long must I wear these chains?
Sing me a sad song
It doesn’t have to be true but I’ll feel less blue
If you sing me a sad song about a girl across the world

For My Love


In the mountains back home
That’s where I fell so hard for my love
Her hair was brown, her eyes were too
They were as big as her brains and they were pretty big too
All the stars, miles apart, for my love
She had worries about the end of the world
So I asked her to be my girl for that long
Staring at the same moon tonight
Three thousand miles but she’s not as bright as you



This is a letter to my friends about a plan to run away
We don’t have a lot of time to be prepared for the day
A catastrophe, a natural disaster, or a plague
Could be the end of most, but if we try we might just be ok
It might be crazy but I’ve given this some thought
We’d have to buy a bus and quit all of our jobs
Lots of canned goods bottled water and some snacks
We’d find a place to hide then we can relax
Tom From the Future says that Omaha, Nebraska is the place
The New World Capital, far away from floods or tidal waves
Don’t tell me he’s just a character, I’ll tell you I don’t care
I think it’s a fine idea and we can find a place to live out there
So when it’s over and the world is fresh and new
We will delight ourselves in making all the rules
Sky blue walls, real dirt floors, our brand new home
The post apocalypse will be our very own
Let’s go

Salt Tears


If this drink was the ocean and you were out at sea
If I drink it all up, would you come back to me
Bartender, fill my cup
The bottle’s too full for me to give up
There’s salt on the rim, the rim of my glass
In the bottle lies the little worm
Love is an old sick rose
Dead wood, flowers, lots of thorns
Bartender, pour me one more
I don’t even know what I’m drinking for
So give me the salt, give me a lime
and pour me a shot of Patron
Pour one for yourself and one for the bar
I’m tired of drinking alone
Bartender, call me a cab
He’s gone and he ain’t coming back



Mister Sunshine, shine me up, warm away my blues
You keep lighting up the world, I’ll kick off my shoes, that’s what I choose
Mister Gray Cloud, spray on me, soak me in your rain
I might be smiling on the outside but brother I feel your pain you know what I’m saying
In the sun or in the rain I am myself just the same
I won’t let my soul be tethered or too affected by the weather

Social Cat


He’s a real social cat, knows just where the party is at
He’s been looking so hard just to find it
See him sleep the day away, arise at dusk he wakes with grace
I’ve been looking so hard just to find it
Don’t run away, just stay
Don’t run again, I’ll be your friend
Without a word he gets his way
Every seat a throne it’s his holiday
The shadows his friends, they will hide him
As dawn arrives he takes his leave
All returns to stone and sleep
I’ve been looking so hard just to find it
When it’s over he fades to black
With the charm of a social cat
When it’s over he fades to black
With the grace of a social cat



A full bodied wine and a spread of snacks
Delicious treats from a foreign land
An enticing morsel, I took a bite
My tastebuds met with awful fright
I thought it was cheese but it was just porkfat
A full day’s worth of labor is required here
No time for lost time, my head is not clear
This place is romantic, does that make it worth it?
I miss my love and my cat and I don’t like porkfat
The window calls, up to the roof
A glowing city, a beat of peace
A cigarette, I see your face
But the tram reminds me, I’ll miss the place
I’ll miss this place

Goldie Wilson


You think I’m going to spend the rest of my life in this slop house?
I’ll be the mayor of this town
If you nail my name in your lawn
If you let people walk all over you
They will be walking over you for the rest of your life
I’m going to clean up this town



A nice night for a drive, hang on tight and we’ll fly
Feeling so free whipping around the rotary
Into the city see your name on the marquee
We’ll burn it down until three and head back around the rotary
Faster and faster
At the end of the night the amps burn bright and explode
A nice night for a drive, don’t be afraid to close your eyes
Steering your dreams around the rotary
Don’t put up a fight when they turn up the lights just go home