Renee_Joe_smileRenée Dupuis and Joe Cardoza are short people with tall hearts and a true love for making music.  They are musicians who can also fit into small places which makes them an ideal band to share a stage with.  They are also good sharers.  

Renée and Joe have been performing together since they were wee tykes growing up in suburbs north of Boston, MA and most notably are staple members of THE BANDIT KINGS with whom they’ve made three studio recordings and performed for receptive audiences in venues from Boston to Los Angeles.

Currently RENEE & JOE are performing tracks as a duo from their first full-length studio recording together, DREAMSTEERING, a mix of folk, rock, blues and instrumental tunes about dreaming, driving, the apocalypse and things that both Renee and Joe like and don’t like.  They’ve celebrated this release performing shows in venues from Boston to Burlington and New York City. 

About their music, comedian Lenny Clarke once said “I haven’t heard them yet, but I’ve been telling people how good they are all day!”.

Avid collectors of physical books and vinyl records, Renee & Joe hope one day to own a microfarm.  If Facebook still exists you can “like” them on the World Wide Web and they will be very thankful for that.